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Meet the Staff

Our team comprises the Managing Director, assisted by a part-time sub-contractor, who does the leg-work and an additional Chartered Accountant sub-contractor who carries out any functions for which the other staff are not licenced.


The managing director specialises in caravan tax and was, until 2010, a fellow caravan owner. With his many years of experience of working in caravan tax, and as a caravan owner/hirer, he has real insight into your concerns as caravan hirers.


He is a fellow member of the Association of Accounting Techicians, licenced by them to provide these services.  He has the support of the Association when required and, through them, holds Professional Indemnity Insurance for the protection of his clients.


In addition to checking calculations and returns, he personally deals with all email correspondence and aims to respond within two working days.  His email role particularly is aimed at advising clients in a way where answers to their questions can be read and referred to whenever required.  He believes that this is a more effective way for clients than the 15 minute on-Park surgeries practiced once or twice a year by visiting firms.  Many clients have reported that they came away totally confused from such surgeries.


He believes that no prospective client should enter into the contract blind, so offers a FREE initial estimate of the clients tax position.  No fee is payable until the new client instructs him to produce their return; existing clients are charged a fixed fee but a fee based on hours worked is charged to existing clients should they not proceed to instructing the company.

As a friendly and helpful team, we know that much of our job lies in helping you to understand the tax maze so that we can work together on the simplest, most efficient way to take your business forward, year by year.

Mr Anthony Maddison

Managing Director, Practicing Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.


Professional career

For many years a local government accountant, rising to Principal Accountant grade.


Took early retirement when offered to all over 50's in his authority.


Employed by a large local Cash and Carry as a company accountant but left by mutual agreement 6 years later, when the company was badly affected by the large supermarkets moving into the local shop trade.


Became a contract specialist in budgetting for a number of large organisations.


On becoming a caravan owner, saw the lack of tax assistance for caravan hirers and set up in this niche market.


He has always been interested in tax and seeks to reduce his clients' tax bills, regularly managing to obtain refunds for his caravan clients.


Howard's Pay

This firm specialises in pay and book-keeping.  The owner works two half days a week as a sub-contractor doing the preparatory work, to leave more time for the Managing Director to provide advice to clients.


Both the managing director and the sub-contractor are Justices of the Peace, which provides an element of credability to their work.

Keystone Accountancy Services

This firm, managed by a Chartered Accountant, sub-contracts for us when there are items for which the other staff are not licenced e.g. Company returns and Corporation Tax.


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