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With over 40 years experience in accountancy and formerly registered, as a member in practice to provide these services, I can offer you a professional service, based on my personal experience in many accountancy fields.  

  • I have Professional Indemnity cover for my clients.
  • I started my accountancy career working for a large, London based, firm of Chartered Accountants, where I worked on the audit of several large companies.
  • Moved from there to working in various local authorities throughout the country.
  • Rose to a Principal Accountant graded post in Local Government. 
  • Subsequently, I  contracted out my services, specialising in setting up budgets and in budgetary control for a number of large local authorities.
  • Prepared annual reports and completed very complex returns required by the Government.
  • Moved to a large local Cash & Carry firm, as their company accountant.
  • I then purchased my own caravans and saw a niche in caravan tax, so set up my existing business, working from home.
  • When I started in caravan tax there was only one other firm offering this service and they didn't have the advantage of being caravan owners themselves. 
  • For many years I have worked sympathetically with my clients as one of them.
  • In 2010, I sold up my caravans, as I didn't have the time to do my own lettings, thereby, releasing me to concentrate on my growing tax business.
  • In 2011, the business took on a sub-contractor to provide assistance two afternoons a week but that ceased when she resigned on ill-health grounds in  2015. 
  • We now have a further, chartered accountant, sub-contractor to assist in areas for which I am not registered.
  • Recently, we set up the Easy4Clients accounting system, to provide an efficient service for small businesses, using online programmes which will provide monthly statements to most electronic devices.
  • As a hobby, I gave 36 years to St.John Ambulance, rising to County Treasurer and, subsequently, became County Order Secretary of the Order of St.John.  I retired from St. John in 1998 but am still a Serving Brother of the Order
  • I have had a considerable knowledge of the legal system, since I served as a magistrate since 1997, and became a bench chairman in 2007.  I retired from that post, after 16 years service, in March, 2013.

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