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2016/17 TAX YEAR

We will shortly be entering the 2016/17 tax return year; early submission of initial documentation will achieve a discount on my fees.   Clients and prospective clients, please let me have your documentation as soon as possible to be in with a chance of making the discount deadline.


Each year, I offer discounts for early submission of documentation.


I strongly recommend that all current and prospective customers contact me urgently.


A number of my clients have lost out badly in respect of their tax on sale or upgrade of their caravans.  I recommend all clients to contact me in good time if they are considering selling or upgrading their caravans, so that I can advise them on procedures and timing to maximise their tax position in respect of that caravan[s].


HMRC [HM Revenue & Customs] have announced a requirement for all High Income parents who have received any child allowance since 7th January, 2013 to apply for self assessment.


I can offer a registration and tax return service from £85 per parent required to complete a return.  This is included for existing clients.

Professional/Friendly Support

It has come to my notice that a number of people are offering a tax service for rediculously low figures, such as £50 per return.  These people must be earning way below the minimum wage and providing very few hours for their fee; alternatively they may be using third world sub-contractors instead of giving work their personal attention.


I believe that expertise is this field, and friendly, personal, service, are everything; my average time spent on my clients is 7.75 hours, to enable them to submit accurate and beneficial tax returns and to guide them through the complexity of this tax.  If I were to offer £60 fees, I would only be receiving £8 per hour before my overheads are taken off; with overheads removed that would reduce my income to about £5 per hour; way below the minimum wage. 

I rest my case!

 Caravan letting tax is a very grey area and needs expertise to navigate it correctly; even HMRC [HM Revenue & Customs] advisors do not always get it right.


Please contact me so that I can offer you the best package for your personal circumstances.

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