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Welcome to Maddison Accountancy Services - Your Partner for Successful Growth

Our firm expertly attends to all your taxation and business queries regarding [1] tax assistance to small/medium size businesses [2]the hire of caravans, [3]private self-assessment returns. Thanks to the  expertise of our staff in these fields, our dedication and many years of experience in consulting and assessment, we can offer you support that you can rely on concerning your enterprise .  We prefer to provide a personal, friendly, helpful service than to compete with those who charge rediculously low fees, often amounting to an hourly rate lower than the minimum wage.  We thus value highly the loyalty of our clients. 


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The director mutualised the company in 2004 to provide assurance to clients.


With the director's many years at a senior level in both public and private sector businesses, we are happy to expertly assist small and medium businesses with their tax returns and accounts.  We will advise on those accounts on a regular basis, to help maximise clients profits and minimise tax. We will then prepare the end of year accounts and tax return for the clients approval and submit the tax return electronically.


Fellow Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians with over 40 years experience in accountancy and registered, as a member in practice, to provide these services.  As such I can offer you a professional service, based on my personal experience in many accountancy fields.  I, of course, have the professional support & expertise of this body, should it be required.

  • I have Professional Indemnity cover for my clients.
  • I started my accountancy career working for a large, London based, firm of Chartered Accountants, where I worked on the audit of several large companies.
  • Moved from there to working in various local authorities throughout the country.
  • Rose to a Principal Accountant graded post in Local Government. 
  • Subsequently, I  contracted out my services, specialising in setting up budgets and in budgetary control for a number of large local authorities.
  • Prepared annual reports and completed very complex returns required by the Government.
  • Moved to a large local Cash & Carry firm, as their company accountant.
  • I then purchased my own caravans and saw a niche in caravan tax, so set up my existing company, working from home.
  • When I started in caravan tax there was only one other firm offering this service and they didn't have the advantage of being caravan owners themselves. 
  • For many years I have worked sympathetically with my clients as one of them.
  • In 2010, I sold up my caravans as I didn't have the time to do my own lettings and, thereby, to concentrate on my growing tax business.
  • In 2011, the company took on a sub-contractor to provide assistance two afternoons a week. 
  • We now have a further, chartered accountant, sub-contractor to assist in areas for which I am not registered.
  • Recently, we set up the Easy4Clients accounting system, to provide an efficient service for small and medium companies, using online programmes which will provide monthly statements to most electronic devices.
  • As a hobby, I gave 36 years to St.John Ambulance, rising to County Treasurer and, subsequently, became County Order Secretary of the Order of St.John.  I retired from St. John in 1998 but am still a Serving Brother of the Order
  • I have had a considerable knowledge of the legal system, since I served as a magistrate since 1997, and became a bench chairman in 2007.  I retired from that post, after 16 years service, in March, 2013.
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